• Calverley Parkside School, Victoria Street, Calverley, Leeds, LS28 5PQ
  • schooloffice@calverleyparkside.leeds.sch.uk
  • Tel: 0113 257 0884
  • Fax: 0113 204 7812

Contact Us

Calverley Parkside School
Victoria Street,
LS28 5PQ

Tel: 0113 257 0884
Fax: 0113 204 7812 
E-Mail: schooloffice@calverleyparkside.leeds.sch.uk  or  headteacher@calverleyparkside.leeds.sch.uk
Web-site: headteacher@calverleyparkside.leeds.sch.uk   

Class Teachers
We know that contacting staff can be tricky. Staff email details can be found on their class pages. Please do email staff directly if required. Staff will try and promptly reply very briefly. They will nearly always prefer to meet and discuss significant issues in person. A mutually convenient time can be arranged. Thank you.