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Key Information  »  Reporting An Absence

Being on time and at school is a hugely important factor in helping your child to enjoy school and achieve highly.

All schools are required by law to keep detailed records of attendance for every pupil. If your child is going to be absent from school please contact school office to inform us of his / her absence at the earliest opportunity. If we do not receive notification, the school office will contact parents/carers to ensure that our pupils are safe.

You can report a pupil absence by email: office@cps.owlcotesmat.org

Where the school doesn’t receive notification, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised by the school. The amount of absence for each child will be recorded on the annual report at the end of the year. Our Education Welfare Officer will follow up any patterns of persistent absence or lateness.

Being on time for school is a very important element. Learning often starts immediately during registration and so pupils can be disadvantaged if even a few minutes are missed. Please make every effort to be on time.

It is normal for children to have excellent attendance, with many children achieving 100% each year. Being absent due to illness from school for anything above two days per year is unusual.

Every week we share our attendance figures on the school newsletter. We aim to have an attendance level of at least 96.5% and aspire to reach over 97%.