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Good behaviour in school is necessary if effective teaching and learning is to take place. We believe that good behaviour comes from a mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for others and is based upon self – discipline. We have a behaviour policy whereby, through the use of praise, we encourage all our children to develop self esteem, self discipline and respect for others. Good learning, good attitude and good behaviour are all rewarded.

We have a  celebration assembly each Friday where two children from each class receive certificates in recognition of these aspects of school life. The midday supervisors also award certificates weekly. The pupils achievements are also celebrated on the weekly newsletter.

We have extended how we use the ‘House Teams’ to reward children both individually and collectively as part of their House. Weekly winning teams are announced in assembly and added to the newsletter. Termly winners will be rewarded with a treat for their whole House and the annual winners will have the House Championship trophy displayed with their House Team colours for all to admire.

Our Code of Conduct called 'Parkside Pathways' consisting of rules was discussed with staff and pupils and is displayed in school to remind us what our aims are.

Rules for individual classes are negotiated at the beginning of each year.

Each class teacher is initially responsible for the children in the class and the children are encouraged to be responsible for their own behaviour. Incidents are investigated fully and dealt with in accordance with the school behaviour policy - please school policy section. In more serious cases the key stage leaders, Deputy and Headteacher will be involved.

If a child has on-going behaviour issues at school, we involve parents at an early stage as we very much value the co-operation of parents in this matter. Staff always work very hard to establish the 'the facts' behind any issues or incidents and welcome the chance to work in partnership with the family.