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P4C at Calverley Parkside.

P4 C stands for Philosophy for Children. P4C is integrated into all curriculum areas and develops a wide range of thinking and learning skills.

During P4C children share some reading, listening or viewing with their teacher. The children then are given some thinking time to devise their own questions. They choose a question that interests them and, with the teacher’s help, discuss it together. All of the children are encouraged to be involved in the discussions and they are given the opportunity to share ideas with talk partners as well as the whole class.

Through P4C sessions the children’s Speaking and Listening skills are developed. They are also encouraged to develop their thinking skills and philosophical discussions. These skills will support learning in all subjects across the curriculum.

A useful video for parents who would like to use P4C with their children at home – http://p4c.com/philosophize-your-children
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