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Oak and Acorn Class  »  Archive 2016-17  »  Weekly Learning Updates

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17th-24th July 2017
Image result for sharing a shell
For the last two weeks in school, we will be learning all about the Seaside. We will read the story 'Sharing a Shell' and explore the concept of sharing and why it is important. Children will make seaside artwork, we will pretend to go on a trip to the seaside using our imagination. Children will participate in the last Shake Rattle and Boogie session of the year with Kimberley, she will add a 'seaside' theme to the session. Please see Earwig for photographs of your children taking part in these activities.
10th July 2017
Image result for sports day
This week children will participate in the Nursery Sports Day. We will explore how to stay healthy and the effect that excersise has on our bodies. Please note Oak class Nursery Sports Day has been rearranged for 25th July due to poor weather conditions.
3rd July 2017
Image result for vegetable soup
This week in Oak and Acorn class the learning challenge is 'Who likes vegetable soup?' Children will have the opportunity to make vegetable soup and taste it in order to answer the learning challenge. Furthermore, we will explore where vegetables come from, through the story Oliver's Vegetables. Over the recent months, as a class, we have been in competition to grow the heaviest plantpot of potatoes, sent from the Calverley Horticultural Society. We will soon find out the winners of the competition.
26th June 2017
Image result for cubes
Children were so excited to find how tall their beanstalks are growing. We took this opportunity to measure the beanstalks using cubes. Children estimated how many cubes they would need and then counted to find out. Children then ordered two or three beanstalks by height. Children were looking forward to taking their beanstalks home this week. They may need transfering to a larger plant pot, keep children engaged in measuring their beanstalks over a number of weeks. You could measure using ANYTHING that you can stack! An idea is you could measure using lego or/and duplo. 

19th June 2017
Image result for tiny seed by eric carle
This week in Oak and Acorn class we will be exploring the learning challenges: Where do all the flowers come from? and Can we grow really big flowers?

During this week children will read and retell the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. Children will have the opportuntity to make flowers using craft material. We will also begin segmenting and blending CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words in phonics. 
12th July 2017
Image result for jack and the beanstalk
This week children will explore the learning challenge "What did Jack need to make the beanstalk grow?" Children will plant their own broad beans and discuss what a plant needs to grow. When the beanstalks start growing, children will have the opportuity to measure how tall their beanstalks are on a regular basis using cubes. 
5th June 2017
Image result for reflective learner
After half term our learning challenge is 'What happened to Jack's Beans?' this topic includes learning about planting and growing with a focus on the traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We will start this learning challenge next week. 
The first week back to school is a 'Learning Launch', the whole school is participating in learning about being a successful and reflective learner. During this week, children in Oak and Acorn class will create a 'reflective drawing' to contribute to their end of year reports. Children will reflect on their favourite part of Nursery and what they would like to learn when they go to big school. The theme of being a successful and reflective learner links directly with 'growth mindset' please find out how to support your child develop a growth mindset. You can find out more info here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/grownups/help-your-child-try-new-things 
22nd May 2017
Image result for the very hungry caterpillar
This week in Oak and Acorn class our learning challenge is 'How do minibeasts move?' We will find out about all sorts of insects, we will compare their similarities and differences. Our focus story this week will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, we will learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly and look forward to the delivery of our caterpillars after the half term holidays. Children will have the opportunity to go on a minibeast hunt in the outdoor area. Children will make snails using real shells on the playdough table, they will find spiders and a drain pipe in the water area, they will be able to paint spots on each side of a ladybird's wing to then count them altogether, and many more activities linked to this topic!
15th May 2017
Image result for were going on a bear hunt
This week our learning challenge is 'How do I move?' we will place a focus on body movements and how our movements sometimes change depending upon what is happening in our environment. We will explore excerise and the effect it has on our bodies i.e. heart rate, breathing, temperature. We will read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. After the story, children will go on a physical bear hunt in the outdoor area. Children will have the opportunity to get their wellies on, go through long wavy grass, splash through a deep cold river, squelch through thick oozy mud, stumble-trip through a forest, put their hats and scarfs on to go through the freezing cold swirling whirling snowstorm, and lastly, crawl through a narrow gloomy cave! Throughout this experience children will retell the story and join in with familiar phrases in the book!
Please see Earwig for photographs and video's of your children joining in.
8th May 2017
Image result for toy story
This week our learning challenge is 'Does electricity make toys better?' this debate will happen in the classroom! Children will be asked to bring a battery powered toy and a non-electric toy into nursery so we can explore this challenge further.
We will also re-vamp the Hospital role play area into a 'Toy Hospital' we will watch a short clip of 'Doc McStuffins' to inspire children and discuss why is it important to look after our toys. 
2nd May 2017
Image result for balls
This week our learning challenge is 'How far can I throw it?' As part of this learning challenge we will read the story 'Hit the Ball Duck'. We will develop our gross motor skills and coordination by playing many different ball games in the outdoor area. During the week, children will have the opportunity to make their own juggling balls using old socks which they're required to bring from home. 
27th April 2017
Image result for dragon puppet large puppet company
Children are making very good progress within phonics, we have been consolidating our learning on rhyme and alliteration. Children have enjoyed meeting the phonics puppets Winnie the Witch, Gary the Goblin, Derek the Dragon and Fizzy Wizzy Izzy (if you mention these names to your children they should be able to tell you about the special guests that participate in our phonics sessions) Children have also more recently been introduced to segmenting and blending CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words such as leg, dog, hat, cat. Children have been trying hard to listen very carefully to the beginning, middle and end of the word to help them hear the letter sounds.
24th April 2017
Image result for the enormous turnip
This week as part of our half termly learning challenge 'How do things move?'' we are exploring push and pull forces. Our focus story of the week is The Enormous Turnip. Children will make 'vegetable soup' in the water area, they will also have an opportunity to find out about turnips and other root vegetables. We will look at the vegetables closely under magnifying glasses and discuss their similarities and differences. Children will also plant some vegetable seeds to grow their own vegetables! On Wednesday children will bring their scooters into Nursery to explore the push and pull force further. 
18th April 2017
Image result for the three billy goats gruff story
The first week back to school is a 'Learning Launch', the whole school is participating in learning about being a smart, resourceful thinker. Each class is completeing the same learning challenge: 'Who can design/make/evaluate the strongest bridge?' In Oak and Acorn class, we will introduce this topic through reading the traditional tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Children will have the opportunity to re-build a bridge for the three billy goats using junk modelling and construction materials. We will test the bridges and review them!

27th March 2017
Image result for easter
This week we are learning about the story Chicken Licken, we will retell the story and hear and say the rhyming words 'Henny Penny, Goosey Loosey, Chicken Licken and Ducky Lucky' Children will be challenged to find a rhyming name for themselves. Children will make an Easter basket and have the opportunity to do some baking! We will go on an Easter egg hunt around the indoor/outdoor environment. Please see Earwig for photo's of your children enjoying these activities. 
20th March 2017
Image result for handas hen
We are incredibly excited for the hatching of our eggs on Monday. For our learning challenge this week: What happened to Handa's hen? We will explore the story by Eileen Browne. We will further our knowledge on the life cycle of a hen whilst learning how to care for our new chicks. 
13th March 2017
Image result for elmer the elephant
This week in Oak and Acorn class, we have been exploring the learning challenge: Why was Elmer unhappy? As part of this challenge, we unpicked the story. Following this we had a circle time, children made comparisons between themselves and peers. We discussed our similarities and differences and talked about how we are all unique and special. Children have enjoyed making elephant masks to retell the story. In maths this week, alongside numbertime, we have been looking at shape and pattern including repeated pattern. 
6th March 2017
Image result for dear zoo
This week in Oak and Acorn class our learning challenge is 'Which animal would be a good pet?' To explore this challenge, we will be reading the story Dear Zoo by Rod Campell. We will complete a range of challenges in the areas of provision such as making stick puppets to retell the story and copying words to write a letter to the zoo asking for a pet. We will show and tell our own pets from home, discuss how to care for them and explain why they're special to us.
27th February 2017
Image result for eggs in incubator

Children were so excited to meet Farmer Robert on Monday, he brought us seven eggs to incubate. We are going to count down 21 days using pom poms in a jar, when all of the pom poms have been taken away, the chicks will be ready to hatch! Children are absolutely amazed by the development of the chick inside the egg. Please watch this video at home and discuss what is happening to the embryo over each day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PedajVADLGw 

Please see photographs of your children on Earwig enjoying World Book Day and bringing the story 'Walking through the Jungle' to life in our Shake Rattle and Boogie session!
20th February 2017
After half term our learning challenge is 'Who are the famous animals in my books?'
The first week back to school is a 'Learning Launch', the whole school is participating in learning about a different continent or country. Along with Year 6, our focus is Africa. Therefore, we will read the story Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne and even get to explore (and taste) the fruits found in the story. We will compare Africa to England and explore similarities and differences between animals, instruments, clothing and the environment. 

After school on Friday, there will be a lemonade stall using fairtrade African lemons and sugar. The children in Year 6 and Acorn Class have made this together so please come and have a taste (for a small charge).

6th February 2017
Image result for musical instruments
This week we will conclude our 'What makes a sound?' topic by drawing and discussing all the different sounds we know about. We will also play a musical instrument game where Miss Godfrey plays an instrument in secret, children will guess the instrument after listening to the sound.

Children will also play a turn taking game, you can play this at home (using instruments or things you can pretend are instruments i.e. a pan and a wooden spoon could be a drum) follow the instructions as follows:

Pass a beanbag/object  around the circle and sing the song:

Choose an instrument you can play,

You can play, you can play,

Choose an instrument you can play,

What’s your favourite?’

‘------ plays a ­­­­------

­­­­­------, ------

------ plays a ­­­­------

That’s his/her favourite! ‘

During the game sing fast, slowly, loudly and quietly - can children play the instruments to match the singing? Can children tap the beat of the song?

30th January 2017
Image result for numbertime
In Oak and Acorn Class we are focusing on developing our number sense for explore learning about the threeness of three or the fiveness of five. This is a concept which means we explore numerals and amounts in a variety of ways. This week we have been introduced to Number Time. During Number Time we sing lots of different mathematics songs, we focus on learning all about a new number each week. We learn how to count forwards and backwards, we learn about amounts and counting a variety of objects and things i.e. pencils, spades, body parts, claps, jumps. We will match numeral - quantity, we will learn how to use mathematical comparitive language to describe and learn how to write numbers in a variety of ways i.e. using a finger on a friends back, with a stick in the sandpit or with a paintbrush. We will look for numbers in the indoor and outdoor environment. Our challenge is to find numerals and amounts at home or in the shops!
23rd January 2017
Image result for musical instrument eyfs rain maker
This week in Nursery our learning challenge is 'Can you make a sound instrument?' To meet this challenge all children will make their own musical instrument. Furthermore, we will explore a range of musical instruments in a circle time game. We will make loud and quiet sounds and discuss what we need to do to the different instruments to change the sounds. We will sing songs, play instruments, tell a story using instruments and even go on a sound walk!
16th January 2017
Image result for a squash and a squeeze
In Oak and Acorn class we will participate in the whole school wellbeing day by thinking about our own and others thoughts and feelings. In circle time, we will discuss what makes us happy and what we can do to make others happy. This week linking with our topic learning we will place a focus on animal sounds. We will read A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and link areas of continuous provision to this i.e. by making animal finger puppets, making farm animal crayon prints. We will also explore the link between vibration and sound by using tambourines, black eyed peas and pasta.
9th January 2017
Image result for popstars

As part of our new topic 'What makes a Sound?' The new area in our classroom 'Parkside Popstars' has been introduced. (Please see videos and photographs of your children performing on https://earwig.uk.com/)
This week we will settle back into our daily routine after our long Christmas break. During circle time, we will discuss Christmas. Children will complete their half-termly 'special news' mark-making/writing picture for their learning journey. We will work on body percussion and have a 'wow' introduction to the new topic with a Shake, Rattle and Boogie session with Kimberley. We will recap what we have learnt in phonics so far, as well as continuing our very tricky learning on alliteration. We will all go through the process of plan, do review and answer questions relating to the activity we choose. 
7th December 2016
Image result for christmas for kids
Children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in many festive learning challenges this week. Including, Can you decorate a christmas card? Can you write your name inside the card? Can you mix the ingredients together to make some reindeer food? Can you hear the rhyme in the reindeer poem? Can you read a christmas story? Can you use scissors to cut out your own festive bookmark? Can you make a coffee in the Christmas Coffee Shop? Can you decorate the Christmas Tree?

Children have been learning the songs and actions in our christmas nativity (I'm sure a few of you will have heard the common phrase 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel' a few times over the past week or so) We hope to see you all next week at the performance!
30th November 2016
Image result for alliteration
In Phase 1 phonics children develop an understanding of alliteration. This week we have been listening to the initial sounds in words and hearing the differences between them. We have started understanding this concept by exploring our names and listening to the initial sound at the beginning of our names. We have learned that some children share the same sound at the beginning of their name. Over the next few weeks we will develop our understanding by playing a varitey of games including Eye Spy and finding objects that begin with the same letter sound. 
23rd November 2016
Image result for rhyming words
Children have been thoroughly enjoying participating in daily phonics. We have been exploring the different aspects of Phase 1 phonics. Over the past few weeks have been improving our listening skills in order to tune into environmental sounds, instrumental sounds and body percussion. We are now learning all about rhythm and rhyme. Children have initially been introduced to rhyming words in stories and we will now play a variety of rhyming word games. To find out more information on how to support your children at home in phonics please visit: 
15th November 2016
Image result for numicon
This week children have been introduced to Numicon. Numicon is a whole school visual approach to the teaching and learning of the Number aspect in Mathematics. Children use Numicon throughout school. This week in Oak and Acorn class our learning challenge is: I can match numbers to amounts. This included children painting inside the holes of different numicon and finding the sponge numeral to match the amount.
You can find out more about numicon here: 

This week every class in school has a special visitor to teach children about working life. In Oak and Acorn class, Helen came to visit us. Helen works at Toby's Tearoom (if you fancy a trip its by the canal on Apperley Bridge) Children loved learning about how to make chocolate brownies, we explored the ingredients using our senses and looked at Helen's special recipe. Helen was very kind and brought the chocolate brownie in for us to taste. We asked Helen questions about working in a tearoom, we found out that she uses a teapot to pour cups of tea. We sang the nursery rhyme 'I'm a little teapot' to link with our topic this half term.
Please see photographs of your children participating on Earwig. 
10th November 2016
This week the children have enjoyed singing lots of nursery rhymes and recreating them in the areas of continuous provision. We have had Doctor Foster in the water tray, children making humpty dumpty's wall in the contruction area, Miss Polly with her Dolly in the home corner (with a first aid doctor kit), the wheels on the bus jigsaw puzzle, baa baa black sheep and three bags full in the sand tray, an incy wincy spider game and lots more including nursery rhyme arts and craft activities. Children loved the special visit from the music bugs. We played musical instruments, used pom poms and caught bubbles. We sang along to lots of nursery rhymes whilst using all these special resources. Please look on Earwig to see photographs of your children participating in these activities.
1st November 2016
During whole class teaching inputs, I have introduced child friendly 'steps to success' to enable children to understand how they can be successful in order to meet the Learning Challenge. This method is used as a consistent approach throughout our Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception Classes). See above an example which will be used on Wednesday during our 'Every Piece of Artwork Tells a Nursery Rhyme' event.
               31st October 2016
                                                     Image result for tripod grasp

This week in Oak and Acorn class our learning challenge is: I can talk and draw about my special news from the holidays. We are encouraging children to use a 'Tripod Pencil Grasp' (as seen on the right hand side of the above picture) so they have more control over their mark making and writing. We use a 'crocodile snap' method to help children remember how to hold their pencil.

This week we will focus on remembering the rules and routines. We are also thoroughly looking forward to our parents joining us in Nursery to introduce our new topic "How many nursery rhymes do I know?" Parents will create a piece of artwork with children, whether it be through junk modelling, painting or drawing. This piece of artwork will reflect a Nursery Rhyme i.e. you may try make humpty dumpty or twinkle twinkle little star. We will then share the creations at the end of the session and have a sing along!

17th October 2016
Image result for plan do review
This week in Oak and Acorn Class we will be learning through a 'Plan Do Review' approach to ensure we are using the areas of continuous provision appropriately. This involves a three step process 1) children plan what and how they will learn 2) children will carry out the task 3) children will reflect on their learning and discuss what they may do differently next time. 
Our learning challenge is: I can draw cirlces and lines in the outdoor area, with a 'hot chilli' extension challenge of: I can draw some 2D shapes.
10th October 2016
Image result for square circle triangle rectangle semi circle
This week in Oak and Acorn class our learning challenge is: I can recognise 2d shapes. We will find out about a range of 2d shapes, we will use 2D shapes to make a painting, go on a shape hunt and become more aware of shapes in the environment. In storytime we will particularly focus on rhyming words in books, children will 'balance' the two words on their hands repeating the words to hear the rhyme, children will repeat 'those words sound the same, they rhyme' after noticing rhyming words.
3rd October 2016
Image result for my family pictures
This week in Oak and Acorn Class we will introduced the concept of challenge through completing Learning Challenges. We will discuss how challenges stretch our brains to help us learn new things. This week our learning challenge is: I can talk about and draw a picture of my family. We will be introduced to phase 1 phonics, we will learn to carefully listen using a variety of listening games such as 'tomato ketchup' and 'bug in a rug'. We will also tune into environmental sounds, such as listening to the sounds we hear in the outdoor and indoor environment. 
30th September 2016
Throughout the first half term children are focusing on learning the rules and routines in Nursery. We enjoy looking at our visual timetable so we know what is going to happen next in our routine. We have met many new children and adults. We have remembered many new faces and names, some of which we now consider our friends! We are learning how to use the areas of continuous provision with adult support. We are becoming more independent, we blow our own noses, put on our own coat and wash our own hands with soap after using the toilet. We enjoy sitting together at snack time and having our ‘picnic’ lunch with Mr Corbin and Mrs Hunt.  We are learning the daily songs in Nursery. We always look forward to the daily story before home time.