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Our aim is to help children to learn through stimulating, challenging and enjoyable activities. The children are encouraged to be spontaneously creative and express their thoughts and ideas using a variety of media and techniques in art and craft work. An awareness of colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion are developed alongside the use of symbols to convey ideas and feelings. The study of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers complements this work. Observational and presentation skills are developed alongside the appreciation of art.

Throughout all Key Stages, skills are introduced, developed and refined and we monitor children’s progress on a regular basis, using both formative and summative assessment and we use this information to further enhance and develop our planning and delivery.
Art themed days are a common feature of our curriculum and we regularly have experts coming in to work with the children on both a small scale or on a larger scale eg to create large mosaics.
Leeds Art Gallery
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Design and Technology

Through Design and Technology, children develop skills and knowledge of a wide range of materials and equipment by engaging in practical activities in a safe and controlled environment.

To achieve this, all children are encouraged to identify, examine and solve practical problems and to make existing situations better. They learn to be inventive, using a range of materials and tools, thus developing, modifying and evaluating their ideas through a series of projects including food technology.

Using relevant tasks and the freedom of choice to develop and design their own ideas, our curriculum encourages the children to be strong and self-reliant pupils, who are creative and innovative.